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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Disconnect to Reconnect

Welcome to my first blog post.

In a society where WiFi is freely accessible and every human over the age of five can surf the net. Do we have space left in our lives to just be! And when we are given the down time, ultimately it is filled with technology.

Watching London's New Year Celebrations on TV, I was perplexed in viewing thousands of people, not watching the fireworks, but recording them on their handheld devices. I wonder how connected those people really felt, to their surroundings, others and themselves.

I myself am finding it difficult to completely switch off, setting up a new business, ironically, I have found that to succeed in reaching clients, I must connect with technology. But also the speed in which it changes, the pressure to keep updated with the newest app, device or platform takes me to a place that is both uncomfortable and concerning.

And leaves me with the question:

"If I feel this way, how is technology impacting on the mental health of today's young people?"

5 reasons to disconnect to reconnect.

It has a negative impact on developing social skills, nothing can replace face to face conversations. Feeling the joy of being heard, laughing with one another, rather than "lol"

feeling empathy and compassion are vital human skills.

To protect our environment and biodiversity, switching off and creating opportunities to be present, reconnecting with nature is crucial for both children and adults mental health.

You will miss out on memories, what is on your phone can wait a while, the emails and text messages will still be there after dinner. The smile from your loved ones, the joke your brother shared, may not.

Its good for your physical and mental health, when we unplug, we give ourselves time and space to decompress and recharge, which makes us feel better. Giving us the ability to be more effective in our work or studies.

It Reduces Anxiety, no matter the platform, likes, followers and comments are measured for everyone to see. And for young people still figuring out who they are, managing social media can feel like a social crisis.

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